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The "original" hock.net (launched 3/99)

Welcome to Hock.Net!

Hock.net Turns Five Years Old

March 2004 -- Happy Birthday! Hock.net turns five years old this month. I secured the hock.net domain name in early 1998, back when Amazon.com sold books, the dot-com boom had yet to begin and .net domain names were yet to be cool. Five years has seen a lot of evolution for the World Wide Web and even a little for hock.net's contribution (I gave the site a face-lift about two years ago). In fact, the World Wide Web is much less obtrusive than in was several years ago - a good trend. The best technologies, of which the WWW certainly is one, are those that are the most transparent.

14 December 2003 -- New M File Procedures! This weekend I replaced the rear pads, rotors and strut mounts on my 1996 BMW M3 with the help of friend and fellow BMW mechanic, Larry Barbieri. Detailed procedures for replacing rear pads and rotors and rear struts and/or strut mounts can be found within the pages of the The M Files. Enjoy!

29 November 2003 -- The fastest 10 years of my life. Today I attended the outstanding 10-year reunion of the Horace Greeley High School class of 1993. Click here for snapshot highlights and learn about the origins of my semi-professional music career. I maintain that every good jazzman has his roots in G 'n' R.

8 November 2003 -- Well a lovely fall in Boston has come (and almost gone). After about a year of sub-par weather (a summer that was too short, preceeded by a winter that was way to long) I think we Bostonians deserved it. I am excited to announce the launch of my new company American Innovative, LLC and am pleased to announce that things are preceeding smoothly on all fronts. I encourage you to browse the company's homepage and to call or e-mail me if you have questions, comments or feedback regarding the new product line.

Speaking of fall, I just returned from a great weekend event at Autobahn Automotive in Natick, MA. Autobahn invites weekend racers and other BMW enthusiasts down to their shop to throw cars up on the lift, run diagnostics and generally talk shop. Among other folks, I finally met Larry Barbieri who was kind enough to contribute to The M Files, his procedure for replacing muffler hangers. He promises me that he's got rear shock mounts coming shortly.

31 October 2003 -- Halloween was a success this year and Justine's "Scary Good Time VII" (count 'em ... seven) party at Copperfield's in Boston was another success. Top prize for costumes go to Howard Stern, Yankee thungs Jeff Nelson Karim Garcia, newlyweds Nomar Garciaparra and Mia Hamm, and of course Agent Smith. Check out all the snapshots from Halloween 2003 here.

August 2003 -- Thank you to all you M3 fans out there who have been e-mailing me about the DIYs I've got up. My e-mail is not prominently posted (for fear of the spam-machines) but if you'd like to ask me an auto-related question or, better yet, contribute to the "The M Files" please pull up any thumbnail photograph from around the site and e-mail me at the address in the lower right-hand corner. And yes, I know, the long-awaited shocks / struts procedure is still pending. Believe me, I'm doing you a favor - you don't want to get into it ... :)

Ok, here's all that boiler plate stuff ...

Hock.net was relaunched in late 2002 to serve three purposes. First and foremost, it is my personal homepage - the plot of Internet real estate that I have staked as my own.

Second, as the years have passed I have accumulated a fairly sizable portfolio of photographs taken as I've traveled. Many of my favorites are showcased throughout the site and in the galleries accessible from the menus above.

Finally, my 1996 E36 M3 sports-sedan turned one year old this summer (for me). I relaunched Hock.net last year, specifically to house what I have coined "The M Files". In my search for the car I ultimately bought, I found that there is a viral community of M3 enthusiasts, racers, mechanics and general cult followers thriving on the Internet. This community proved to be extremely useful to me when I recently undertook to perform a number of technical procedures on my own (a daunting and difficult task as a city dweller). Seeking to give back to this community I have posted detailed instructions (which I documented with a digital camera) pertaining to the installations I undertook:

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